Pre Installation Checklist

  • Plan to have someone over 18 years old in the home before the job gets started and for completion inspection
  • Make sure arrangements have been made for the installer to enter your neighborhood (gate passes, security, parking, elevators, service entrances)
  • Remove existing floor covering *
  • Remove all furniture and other items from the areas where the installation will take place. *
  • Make arrangements for oversized furniture (piano’s, waterbeds, modular furniture) toilets and appliances.*
  • Remove all breakables from the areas in and around the installation area
  • Empty china cabinets, under the bed and closets
  • Disconnect any electronics (computers, stereo equiptment)
  • Adjust the temperature for stability to accommodate doors being opened and closed frequently.
  • Make arrangements for pets to be out of the installation area as loud noises can frighten animals and the doors will be opened and closed frequently
  • If your project requires more than 1 day, make arrangements to eat out or get dressed elsewhere.
  • In the process of removing and installing flooring, the creation of dust is unavoidable and will not be the subject to any claim
  • We will be careful as possible when removing baseboards and mouldings. However, we cannot be responsible for broken or damaged baseboards. Also, be advised that existing baseboards will not fit as they originally did, especially if the baseboards are raised or lowered from their original position.
  • We regret that we are unable to plain or cut doors to accommodate the height of new flooring as this requires the equipment and expertise best provided by carpenters.
  • When the subfloor is not visible at the time of estimation and during installation, and if the existing subfloor requires repair, the customer is responsible for extra charges.
  • We will be very careful to avoid scuff marks on your walls and baseboards while delivering and installing your floor covering. Some scuff marks may be unavoidable; we cannot be responsible for minor touchups which may be required.

*Unless you’ve made prior arrangements with us to do this for you

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